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**If you are refunding a backer for a payment originally made outside of CrowdOx (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc), the refund must take place using the tools of those providers. However the refund would also need to be marked in CrowdOx to ensure the balance information is correct**

Refunding a customer is very simple. Once you have loaded the backer's profile page within manage.crowdox,  you simply need to scroll down to the Transactions box that is located in the bottom right corner. You will then click the small arrow that is to the right of the payment date.

Clicking this arrow will bring up a pop-up window asking if you would like to refund the entire transaction or just a partial amount.

Once you have selected an amount to refund, click the green Refund button to save your update. This will immediately process a refund for transactions made through Stripe or PayPal transactions that were made within 60 days prior.

Refunds on Kickstarter and Indiegogo Purchases
If you need to refund a transaction that was processed through Kickstarter or Indiegogo you will need to handle those refunds on the platform in which the purchase was made. Refunding on the backer's CrowdOx page doesn't actually process a refund, it will only update the backer's page to reflect the correct balance in their survey.

PayPal transactions older than 60 days
Unfortunately, PayPal will not allow refunds after 60 days. These refunds will have to be handled on an individual basis outside of the software. 

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