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You will need to define the individual products that you will be shipping to customers in the Products section.  In order to do this follow these simple steps.

1) Click on Products
Click on Products in the left sidebar menu.

2) Click on New Products

Click on the green 'New Product' button that is located in the top right of the Products box.

3) Select Product Type
Click on 'Physical' within the Basic Info section

4) Add Your Product's Details
Selecting the physical product type will open up the Basic Info box.  Here you can enter in your product's details.  Give your product a name, a brief description, a SKU, and a price (used when purchased as an extra).  Here you can also upload an image for your product.

5) Create Variations (if applicable)
If your product has different variations, click on the blue Variations bar and then click the green 'Add Variant' button. 

6) Enter your SKUs
Enter a product SKU for each combination that the variations have generated.

7) Create Questions (if applicable)
If you need to collect other specific information about the individual product order, you can create questions, such as the example below:

8) Add Shipping rates for extras (if applicable)
If you are charging additional shipping for extras, the shipping rates need to be setup within the individual product. Simply click on the blue 'Shipping for Extras' bar then the green 'Add Shipping Rate' button. 

9) Save your new product
You are now ready to create your product. Simply click the green 'Create New Product' button to add your newly configured product to the Products page. 

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