Advice and answers from the CrowdOx / Kickbooster Team

You've followed our instructions and have successfully created your products, mapped them to your reward levels, and selected your upsell options. Now what? 

Here at CrowdOx, we want to ensure your backers receive the best possible survey experience. For that reason, our expert team will review your survey before it is launched and provide our suggestions to enhance the data accuracy and backer experience. 

So what are we looking for?

  1. Branding and Theme
    Ensure relevant branding has been received in order to setup the survey theme (Product image and/or company logo).

  2. Products
    Ensure all products have images, descriptions and SKUs.
    - Ensure there is a price associated to each product that is available as an upsell.
    - Check if there is shipping associated with the add-on options. Some campaigns may choose not to charge shipping, so we will confirm with you if we do not see shipping associated to the products.
    - Review the type of exports or data the campaign may need at the end. This can sometimes influence how the process is setup. For example, a product question vs. a variant will change where the data lives on the export.

  3. Configurations
    - Examine campaign page to ensure the correct rewards have been mapped to each configuration according to what has been offered in the campaign, including any stretch goals.
    - Verify that shipping is being collected, whether the fees were imported from your campaign, or setup from scratch through CrowdOx.
    - Ensure special configurations such as "member discounts" have been considered and setup accordingly.

  4. Extras
    - Ensure all reward levels have add-on options. By default, any 'No Reward' levels will not have add-ons available on the extras page.

  5. Campaign Import to CrowdOx
    - Examine campaign page and ensure import of orders is complete.
  6. Account Settings
    - Ensure Stripe and/or PayPal has been connected to allow backer payments.
  7. Support
    - Ensure there is a support email address attached to the account for product or shipping related enquiries from your backers. 

Important to note:
Although we will happily review the survey configuration for the above mentioned items, there may be specific product, pricing or shipping details that we are not aware of. It is ultimately the responsibility of the campaign to ensure the survey is setup to collect the correct information and fees required to fulfill the rewards. 

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