Advice and answers from the CrowdOx / Kickbooster Team

**If your project launched before June 9th 2016, please proceed to read the instructions on how to Export your Kickstarters Backer Report here.**

If your project launched after June 9th 2016, you can give CrowdOx collaborator access which will allow us to run an export of backers and then pull them directly into CrowdOx for your convenience.

To do so, please follow these steps within your Kickstarter account:

  1.  Click on the Menu

Log into your Kickstarter account and click on the menu that is located on the top left of your screen.

2) Click on Manage collaborators
The menu opens up a sidebar and you'll see the "Manage Collaborators" near the bottom.

3) Add our user and check the Fulfillment box
Add and check the Fulfillment Box under Permissions. This will allow us to run an export of backers and pull them directly into CrowdOx.

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