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You have signed up with CrowdOx! Now what? 

Here is a high level view of the next steps required before we can launch your survey. We recommend reviewing each section for more instructions. 

1) Link up a Payment Provider
When you first login, it should automatically take you to the Account and then the Stripe page. This is a necessary step so that customers have the option to pay you at the end of their Survey. 

Click Here to find out how to link a payment provider.

2) Import your customers/backers
In order to get your customers into the software, we'll need the right access. We have various articles on how to import your customers, dependent of the system you are importing from. 

Click Here to find out how to import your backers. 

3) Configure your survey
This is the exciting part! But also the most time consuming. Our system makes it very simple to configure your survey, but here is an overview of the steps you will be taking:

We recommend reviewing our 'Building Configurations' article for a complete review of the steps required to building each of your configurations. 

**If you have offered special pricing to certain groups of backers/customers (such as Backerclub members),  you will need to create special configurations with the correct pricing assigned for these members)**

4) Launch your survey
Before launching your survey, we want to take one last look at all your hard work to ensure the survey is fully functional. When you think you are ready to go, simply contact and we will review and hit the launch button on our end.  Click here to learn more about our survey review. 

5) Monitor your survey stats
We have a great stats page for you to review from time to time. It will give you a quick glance at the customer activity and how much additional funding has been raised through CrowdOx. 

6) Locate Backer Information
You can view all backer information on by clicking on 'Orders' and filtering the information accordingly. 

Click Here to find out how to locate your backer info. 

7) Export your data
All your hard work has paid off and you are now ready to export some data and start fulfilling orders! 

Click Here to find out how to Export your orders. 

As you can see, working with CrowdOx is very simple!  However, if you ever have any questions or need a hand, do not hesitate to contact 

We are here to help!

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