Advice and answers from the CrowdOx / Kickbooster Team

It can sometimes take many clicks before a pledge is converted. By using our service, we are only able to track the successful pledges that are made on a Boosters link. Please keep in mind that this doesn’t account for people who have clicked through after viewing your campaign using a Kickbooster link and then going straight to the campaign website at a later time. Unfortunately that is out of our control. 

However, you do have control to ensure your account is setup correctly and that your Google Analytics have not disconnected (a pop up would appear on your dashboard if it had disconnected). You also might want to consider if your incentive to your Boosters is enticing enough. 

Lastly, the more you share, the better the success. The more you promote your referral program on your social media and backer updates, the more Boosters will signup to promote your website on their own social media platforms. 

Also keep in mind that you are only invoiced from Kickbooster for successful pledges made towards your campaign and only if your campaign has met its funding goal. There is no risk in using Kickbooster!

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