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You may notice that your campaign Dashboard includes many different stats. Here is a breakdown of each amount. 

Please note, you are only invoiced based on the 'Boosted' column. 

Kickstarter Earnings Per Visitor (EPV)
This number is the dollar value attributed to each visitor to your campaign page. Campaign owners are able to use this number to quickly determine the amount of traffic required to reach your funding goal.

**Pro Tip --- An EPV on a campaign above $2 is considered average and anything above is a very good EPV**

Kickstarter Conversion Rate (CR)
The Kickstarter conversion rate is the rate at which the traffic on your page converts into backers. Provided you have a good product on your campaign, increasing your conversion rate can drastically improve your overall funding.

** Pro Tip --- The average CR for Kickstarter campaign is between 2-3%**

This is the number of people that have registered themselves as Boosters for your campaign (i.e. your affiliates).

Booster Link Clicks
This is the number of clicks that have been made on the unique URLs to your campaign in which your Boosters have promoted.

This is the number of pledges made toward your campaign.

This is the total dollar amount in which pledges were made towards your campaign through Kickbooster links.

*Please note, this is the only number that is considered when calculating your balance owing at the end of your campaign.

Kickbooster Attributed Earning
In brief, Attributed Earnings is simply an estimation based on our calculation of Earnings Per Visitor x the amount of traffic sent through Kickbooster. Based on the Google Analytics information we capture from your Kickstarter page, we average an Earnings Per Visitor (the amount of funds accumulated / amount of sessions on the site).

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