Advice and answers from the CrowdOx / Kickbooster Team

Campaigns use Kickbooster in a combination of different ways based on their individual needs:

  1. Campaigns will use Kickbooster to run a referral program during their campaign to increase the engagement of their existing backers. We generally tell people to run this phase of the program when you are at least 60% funded or 30 days into your campaign. This ensures that you are releasing the program to an audience that can participate and already believe in your campaign.

  2. Campaigns will direct a specific group/list of people to their Kickbooster page to leverage influencers in their space to write and post about the campaign. The influencer is given the opportunity to grab a unique link and earn a commission for sending pledges to the campaign page.

  3. Some campaigns will simply track the different advertising efforts of the campaign using Kickbooster by generating links and track the effectiveness of each link.
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