To view jobs, and get email notifications when new jobs are posted, you'll need to:

  1. Sign up as a freelancer
  2. Verify your email address
  3. Create your profile

Let's get started!

1. Sign up

Visit the Crowdskills website and click on the 'Join as a Pro' menu item:

Then complete the freelancer sign up form:

2. Verify your email

You will have received an email with a 'verify email' link - click this link to verify your email:

If you can't find the original email, email us now and we'll resend this email to you.


3. Create your Profile

A. Upload a profile photo

A smiling face is more likely to lead to jobs!  Upload a photo of your face on your profile page:

If you would like to come and meet with one of our professional photographers, to take a quality photo of you for your profile, email us and we'll arrange it!

B. Set your location

Select your address to help us find the jobs near you.

C. Set your hourly rate

Give customers a rough idea of your hourly rate.  Anything between £10 and £50 is fine.  You can use a different rate for each job.

D. Write an introduction

This is the first thing customers read about you.  Write at least a paragraph to explain your skills, your experience and your passion in the area.

E. Create your portfolio
This is the most important part of your profile.  Upload examples of the work you've done, to prove your skills to customers.  The most effective items include an eye-catching image, a decent description of the project, and a link to see more.

You'll need at least 3 portfolio items for every job category you're interested in.

For example, I get emails about 'Web Design', 'Web Developer' and 'Graphic Design' jobs because my profile has 3 portfolio items for each of those categories (9 items in total).

If I wanted to start getting 'Photography' jobs sent to my inbox, I would need to also add 3 portfolio items showing my 'Photography' skills.

Get started

Feel free to email us with any questions, and we'll be happy to help!

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