1. Visit our website

Head over to our website and select the skill you need:

2. Post your job

If you like, you can check out the profiles of some of the available freelancers, before posting a description of your job.

3. Wait for freelancers to get in touch

That's it!  All the relevant freelancers have been notified about your job.

4. Review proposals

You'll get an email whenever a freelance sends you a proposal.  Then you can view the profile of that freelancer, review their proposal, and compare it to the other proposals you've received:

5. Interview the freelancers

Discuss the job with your freelancers via message until you're happy with their proposal.  Then, accept the contract.

6. Deposit funds

Before your freelancer begins work, you will need to deposit funds for the job into your online account.  These funds will be held in an independent EU-regulated Escrow account in your name.

7. Sign off

Once you're happy that the work has been completed, you can sign off on the task, and the funds will transfer to the freelancer.  Or, if you chose to hire your freelancer on a regular contract (which repeats every day, week or month), these funds will automatically be released at the end of the period.

8. End & Review

When the job is finished, you can end the contract, and then leave a review for your freelancer.  Then they'll leave one for you:

That's it :)  

Feel free to email us when any questions about how this process works.

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