By generating a Historical Balance report you will receive a report of the evolution of balances over a chosen time period of a specific Asset you have chosen. This means for each transaction the software will update the balance as well as the related cost basis to the specific asset balance.

This type of report is extremely useful for the processes regarding Asset Re-valuation that may occur weekly, monthly, quarterly or even yearly.

To export Historical Balances, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Report page.

  2. Under the sub-section titled Export click Generate Report.

  3. Select Historical Balances.

  4. By choosing an Asset we will provide you with the balances across time.

  5. Click Full Report or choose a specific Data-range.

  6. Click Generate Report

A Historical Balances report, consists of the following data:

  1. Date & Time of each transaction.

  2. Source (e.g. Binance).

  3. The Label of each transaction, which classifies what the transaction was for.

  4. The Volume coming-in

  5. The Volume going-out

  6. The evolution of Balance per transaction

  7. The Weighted Average Cost basis related to each transaction.

  8. Finally, the Stock Value

The video below includes a detailed explanation and guide to how to generate this report, as well as a preview of what one looks like.

For Historical Balances reports, skip ahead to 01:00

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