This report allows you to generate a Bank Statement report from a specific source (i.e My Business) and or a specific asset class (i.e XTZ). Bank Statement is used to account for wallets or assets that you want to account for as a bank account.

Crypto native companies, for example, may want to Account an asset account as a Bank Account. It translates a transaction history linked to a specific source and or asset into a format that can be imported as a bank statement in an accounting system.

Our Bank Statment format complies with all the requirements needed by traditional accounting system requirements for transactions that are related to a Bank Account.

To export a Bank Statement, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Report page.

  2. Under the sub-section titled Export click Generate Report.

  3. Select Bank Statment.

  4. Click Full Report or choose a specific Data-range.

  5. Click Generate Report

A Bank Statement report consists of the following data:

  1. Date of the transaction

  2. Amount as a Debit / Credit

  3. Payee

  4. Description of the Asset used

  5. A Reference which is the Label given that particular transaction

  6. Finally, a Checque number which is the Invoice number.

If you are using Xero, check this out:

If you are using Quickbooks, this one is made for you:

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