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Start by setting up popular alerts!
Start by setting up popular alerts!
Written by Ho Chan Chung
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Why do you need to set up CryptoQuant alerts?

CryptoQuant alerts will let you know when a significant level of market/network/on-chain value exceeds or drops. We understand that you can't keep an eye on the market movement all day so save your time and effort for when you need them. We'll let you know when to look at the chart and which by notifying you with email, Telegram, and browser.

Quant trading isn't anything so difficult or exclusive as it sounds because data is not privileged to only a small number of people(it's open for everyone). By observing the legitimate data drawn on the charts and building your analysis, you'll be able to trade based on facts and reliable indicators; proof.

Don't know which alerts to receive?

Here are some of the alerts clarified by data experts at CryptoQuant and crypto analysts that tell you when to take a close look at the market.

Of all the signals you can interpret for predicting market movement, getting notified when a significant change occurs in price, network data and on-chain data is one of the easiest ways to not miss the pivotal moment.

It's important to keep in mind that getting notified for market/network/on-chain data can be a handy indicator among many other interpretations, such as the sentimental background. However, it is ill to observe such alerts recklessly as a no doubt sell/buy signal.

Please note that specific values in the parameters are just an example of setting up custom alerts.

1. Increase in Sell Pressure

When inflow mean exceeds a certain point, it is presumable that an unusual amount of Bitcoin has been deposited to exchanges. When the number reaches a significant value multiple times, the likeliness of price drop will rise.

Other helpful metrics that tell you the increase in the deposit are Transaction Count Inflow and Address Count Inflow in All Exchanges. When the Transaction Count Inflow exceeds a certain point multiple times, it indicates that an unusual number of people are depositing Bitcoin to exchanges.

2. Increase in Buying Pressure

When Stablecoins reserve is much bigger than Bitcoin reserve in all exchanges, it indicates high buy pressure in the market.

When the Taker Sell Volume exceeds a certain point multiple times, it indicates that more people are selling before going on the order book. It is likely that the price is hitting the local bottom.

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