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  • New Homepage/Chart Layout

    1) Select asset type

    CryptoQuant offers various assets, including BTC, ETH, Stablecoins, and ERC20 Tokens. You can view the same metric in other assets by selecting the asset type.

    2) Find your Indicator
    Indicators are now categorized more efficiently. Find the metric of your choice easier and faster.

    3) View Chart Summary

    Key Points are summarized and color coded for your convenience. You can now have a grasp of the trend at one sight.

  • Chart Tool Bar

    1) Use Dashboard and Alerts

    To save your time, CryptoQuant offers a personal dashboard. You can quickly check your favorite charts that your preferences have curated in the Dashboard menu. You can also get the real-time data update by custom alert features.

    2) Customize the chart

    Some data give a more precise trend direction in moving averages, so we integrated SMA and EMA in the overview chart. SMA is a Simple Moving Average of the closing price of the {n-day/hour/block}. EMA is the Exponential Moving Average of the closing price of the {n-day/hour/block}. EMA applies more weight to data that is more current.

    In addition, now you can easily select entity, resolution, scale, and chart type in the chart you are monitoring. Your customized settings will also be applied to the personal dashboard when you add them directly.

    3) Adjust the time period

    CryptoQuant now offers an entire history of the data to all paid plan subscribed users. You can scroll the period to highlight the movement of the data.

  • Dashboard

    Personalize what you see through Dashboard menu. You can add charts from chart detail page or from the dashboard menu. Save your time from searching, and view the trend of your choice at once.

  • Chart Description and Data Guide

    Interpreting charts can be difficult, so we provide chart description and data guide to help your trading. Now the descriptions are more accurate and detailed. Check out the chart description at the bottom of chart detail page and data guide

    from Resources menu.

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