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How do I apply coupon code?
How do I apply coupon code?
Written by Saehyun Yoo
Updated over a week ago
  1. Go to ‘Pricing’ page

  2. Click ‘Change Plan’

  3. Fill in the payment method if needed

  4. Enter coupon code

  5. Click ‘Apply’

If you are already subscribing a plan, previous plan will be valid until the destined due date. To subscribe another plan, there are 2 ways to do so.

1. Upgrading to another plan before the due date

If the plan is already subscribed and you're in the middle of the one month usage time, you can only get refund by credit. If you have 2 weeks left until the due data, 2 weeks worth of credit will be refunded. This credit then, will be used to pay your next plan.

ex) Advanced monthly, 2 weeks left, changing to Professional monthly: $19.5 added to credit. Only pay $89.5 instead of $109 because you have $19.5 credit from before.

If your downgrading your plan, the difference will be refunded by credit.

2. Waiting until the due date to pay the next plan

We will be giving some time for you to 'use' the coupon after its 'apply expire date'. So, if you want to use your previous plan until the due date and move on, you can still get the discount.

As long as you have applied the coupon code to your billing data before the expire date, it will be valid until the date stated to use when paying.

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