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Twitch drops FAQ
Twitch drops FAQ
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Dear Hunters,

First of all we hope that you had a good time with our recent Twitch Drops campaign, and with Hunt: Showdown in general.

We are happy to read that the great majority of players were able to get their rewards without particular issues, however there are some of you that encountered problems and are still not able to receive their Legendary content.

  • The first issue, which is the most common so far, is that the link between your Steam account and Twitch is incomplete, or that it was performed a long time ago. Fortunately, this is very easily resolved by just restoring the link. Here are the instructions:

  1. Login into your Twitch account, then navigate here:
    Under "Other Connections" locate Hunt: Showdown, and click on "Disconnect"

  2. Navigate to this website
    Please click on the 3 dots, and select UNLINK GAME ACCOUNT, then UNSUBSCRIBE.

  3. Please login yet another time on .

    You should receive all the drops that were already claimed on your Twitch account, provided that they weren't obtained on another Steam that you had previously connected.

  • Some players seem to not be able to claim some of the skins, because either the progress didn't accumulate, or because the "claim" button didn't appear.

    For this specific case please send a message to Twitch and explain the problem, until we can receive a confirmation from them that your account is eligible for a specific drop we will not be able to assign it.

We hope that this helps, and if you have any other question or feedback we are here for you.

Best regards,

The Hunt Support Team

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