Only available to DecipherAg Plus or Biomass+ users

DecipherAg’s Management Zones tool is based on a K-means data clustering algorithm that recognises the distribution of biomass data on your paddock, and groups areas of similar biomass and conditions together into zones. This enables users to easily identify high and low performing areas and treat them accordingly by planning sample sites, creating fertiliser application plans, and precisely applying nutrient applications.

A DecipherAg Plus and Biomass+ users have the ability to;

  • Create management zones from daily, monthly or seasonal imagery. These zones can be used to precisely plan sampling sites and jobs

  • To view, manage and save zones, create fertiliser application plans and export them as prescription maps.

Any historical zones created from paid features will remain accessible, as view only, to DecipherAg users.

Exporting prescription maps enables users to be more precise in their nutrition applications by importing the shapefile into variable rate controllers.

You can find information on creating zones here

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