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What is DecipherAg Mobile?
What is DecipherAg Mobile?
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DecipherAg Mobile is DecipherAg's companion app. Formerly known as DecipherGo, DecipherAg Mobile is primarily a sampling tool. Plus and Biomass+ users also have access to our industry leading scouting functionality.

With DecipherAg Mobile you can:

  • View all your current assigned sampling jobs on the map

  • Complete sampling jobs assigned to you from the DecipherAg web platform

  • Navigate to the geolocated sampling sites using GPS

  • View the boundaries for sampling jobs assigned to you

  • Track progress on your current sampling jobs

  • Process and submit sampling jobs whether you’re online or offline

  • View and process your sampling jobs on multiple devices 

  • Create new sampling jobs

  • Add photos to sampling jobs

  • Use the scouting feature to take photos, comment on them and categorise them for viewing by authorised users on the DecipherAg web platform

You can download DecipherAg Mobile from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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