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How do I delete a job from DecipherAg Mobile?
How do I delete a job from DecipherAg Mobile?
Updated over a week ago

You can delete a sampling job that has assigned to you from the Collect Screen.  If you swipe the job that you wish to delete to the left, the job will slide across revealing a Delete button on the right of screen.

Click on the Delete button, then on Delete in the confirmation screen that pops up and the job will be removed from your account.


  • This only removes the job from your DecipherAg Mobile. The job will still be accessible through the Manage Jobs screen in the Web Portal. Once you’ve deleted the job the planner can either reassign or delete the job from Manage Jobs.

  • Jobs that have unsubmitted scanned samples against them cannot be deleted from DecipherAg Mobile. The unsubmitted samples will need to be either submitted or removed before you can delete the job.

  • If you delete a job that has submitted samples against it, the submitted samples will remain submitted. Only the unscanned sites will be deleted from DecipherAg Mobile. If the job is then reassigned via the web portal, these sites will be available to be sampled, but the previously submitted sites will not.

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