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Submitting a job while offline with DecipherAg Mobile
Submitting a job while offline with DecipherAg Mobile
Updated over a week ago

When you submit a sampling job through DecipherAg Mobile, either partially or fully, you'll get a message saying it has been queued for submission.

If you're online at the time, and have a sufficiently strong signal for the App to communicate with the server, the job will be submitted there and then.

However, if you're offline, or have a weak signal, the job will remain queued, pending a strong enough connection for DecipherAg Mobile to communicate with the server. Once the signal is strong enough, the job will be automatically submitted.

While you don't need to do anything to submit the queued job, the App must be open  and it must be the active app on your device.

Once you've submitted a job it will disappear from your collect list.

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