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How to collect a multisite job using DecipherAg mobile?
How to collect a multisite job using DecipherAg mobile?
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Before you collect samples in DecipherAg Mobile you will need to:

  • Download the app from the Apple App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android devices.

  • Log in to the app.

Use your DecipherAg login and password to log into DecipherAg Mobile, where you’ll be taken to the Collect screen.

  1. Collect screen – click on the job to begin.

  2. Job Details – click on orange pin to start your sampling job.

  3. Sample site: Swipe down to reduce the site information and increase map.

    If you need to relocate the sample site, click on Move site, reposition the site using the target and then click Done.

    Once the sample is collected, select Scan.

  4. Scan the bag barcode and the pin will change from orange to blue. The barcode number is recorded in green.

  5. Collect 2nd site of a multisite. Click on the 2nd site and when you have collected the sample, then click Collect. The pin will change from orange to blue and the Collect button will change to Sampled. Repeat until all sites are sampled.

  6. Click Finish to complete sampling. Once completed all sampling jobs, click Submit laboratory.

    If successful, the following message will appear.

    If in a poor reception area , you will receive the following message, and the job will appear as Unsubmitted in the collect screen.

    Once in a good reception area, reopen the app, select the job and press Submit to Laboratory.

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