DecipherAg Revised Menus

In June 2023 the menu layout for DecipherAg is being updated to a simpler and more intuitive arrangement.

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A major revision of the user interface of DecipherAg has been completed in order to simplify and improve the user experience. The revision includes changes to the menu in order to group similar tasks together in a more intuitive and simple arrangement.

Example of old DecipherAg menu:

Example of revised DecipherAg menu:

Map of New Menus

Key changes

New menu items

Setup – Farm Maps, Team, Crops, and Products

Plan – Paddock Plans, Sites, Zones, Jobs, Prescription files

Recommend (CSBP account managers only)– link to CSBP Detect and CSBP NUlogic


Yield to Review

Scout to Review

Actuals to Review

View Data to Imagery

Notes to Imagery

Zones to Plan


MyData – now accessed via Samples, Imagery, Prescriptions & Yield




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