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Wi-Fi Sync Feature in DecipherAg Mobile
Wi-Fi Sync Feature in DecipherAg Mobile
Updated over a week ago

In situations where sampling is being done in intermittent or poor connectivity, DecipherAg Mobile may not perform as well as expected.

Available from DecipherAg Mobile (v4.1.3), the Use Wi-Fi only to sync data feature can be turned on to simulate being offline which will provide a more stable sampling process.

By default, the setting is OFF - and in normal circumstances where there is either no connectivity or good connectivity, no action is required.

  1. When in phone range, open the app and log in, as usual, using your multiple-factor authentication.

  2. Ensure that you have received any jobs assigned to you and that they are visible in your job list.

  3. Select 'More' at the bottom right of the screen - turn the toggle Use Wi-Fi only to sync data, ON. This will make DecipherAg Mobile ignore any mobile reception that is available.  This will not interfere with your ability to receive/send messages/ phone calls.

    Note: the map function will be limited when the toggle is turned ON.

  4. Conduct your sampling job as normal - submit the job when finished.

  5. For the job to be submitted

    1. When you are back in stable connectivity, open the app and turn the toggle OFF, or

    2. When you have access to Wi-Fi, open DecipherAg Mobile, and

  6.  The job will automatically submit and move from UnSubmitted to Submitted

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