Our CSGO deposit and withdrawal system is player to player meaning you'll be trading items with other users on the site, not site owned bots. This ensures that every item listed on the withdrawal page is tradeable and instantly withdrawable.

When 2 users are partnered for a trade, our tracking system activates which checks whether the item has been received by the withdrawing user. Once our system sees that the item has been transferred successfully, the coins will be added to the depositor's balance. The coins are taken from the withdrawer when they first withdraw the item, and they're refunded if the item isn't delivered.

Our tracking system is very sophisticated, and we have systems in place to help keep you safe via the use of API keys on Steam. For example; We can detect if a phishing scam is occurring and show the user instructions on how to secure their account.

Due to a change with Steam's API, we're no longer able to cancel trade offers on your behalf.

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