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The CTB Membership
Coaching The Body Membership Overview
Coaching The Body Membership Overview

A detailed description of the topics covered in the CTB Membership Years 1 and 2.

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What is the CTB Membership?

The CTB Membership is a 2 year training program that, in total, covers the treatment of pain throughout the entire body. Most students begin with Year 1, which will be dripped out as online streaming videos every week (45mins-2hrs) for 52 weeks. There's no deadline for when you need to complete this material, as you will have access to it forever and can view it in your own time.

What material does Year 1 of the CTB™ Membership cover?

Year 1 of the CTB™ Membership covers all the areas of the body that are going to have an impact on 80% of all the pain that comes through your clinic doors or that you yourself experience. Due to the referral patterns and satellite referral patterns produced by trigger points, treating the shoulder joint and hip joint can relieve pain as far from the joint as the wrist and hand (shoulder), foot and ankle (hip), low back (hip) and head and neck (shoulder).

Using our protocols developed over decades, as well as our system for navigating perpetuating factors such as hyperpronation, leg length discrepancy, breathing dysfunction and workplace ergonomics, you will be guided through an entire system of pain treatment.

If you're not sure that the Muscle Liberator™ is something you want to bring into your clinic, have no fear. We teach all of our techniques both manually and with tools. We recommend you keep the tool if for no other reason than have a killer self-care routine at home.

All of our training is done with proper body mechanics on the floor, but if you're someone who works primarily on the table, we have modification trainings on our Member Mastermind Forum group.

And don't forget, each pain area module has a self-care training either for use on your own pain or to bring to your clients. Self-care is key to coaching the body back into normal functioning and it will empower you and your clients to continue making progress.

Year 2 of the Membership is equally important. It covers advanced topics that are very important for a professional clinical practice, such as Head and Neck Pain, Foot and Ankle Pain, Back Pain, Forearm and Hand Pain, and much more.

Year 1 Course Content by Week


Week 1: Intro to CTB & Scapular Positioning

Week 2: Trigger Point Physiology and Effects

Week 3: Low Trap

Week 4: Pect Minor

Week 5: Clavicular/Sternal/Costal Pect Major

Week 6: Mid Trap/Rhomboids

Week 7: Serratus Anterior

Week 8: Levator Scapulae

Week 9: Full Scapular Positioning with Muscle Liberator

Week 10: Subscapularis

Week 11: Infraspinatus

Week 12: Supra/Deltoid

Week 13: Scalenes, Serratus Posterior Superior

Week 14: Basic Neck Work and Core Shoulder Protocol

Week 15: Lat/Teres Major Triceps,

Week 16: Biceps, Corachobrachialis, Brachialis and Anterior Deltoid

Week 17: Triceps, Teres Minor and Posterior Deltoid

Week 18: Perpetuating Factors

Week 19: Treating Frozen Shoulder

Week 20: Self Care


Week 21: Sciatica Overview

Week 22: Gluteus Minimus

Week 23: Gluteus Maximus

Week 24: Gluteus Medius

Week 25: Adductor Longus

Week 26: Adductor Magnus

Week 27: Quadratus Lumborum

Week 28: Longissimus

Week 29: Deep Lumbar Spinal Erectors

Week 30: Asymmetry, Postural, Pronation

Week 31: Hip/Sciatica Protocol

Week 32: Sciatica Self-Care

KNEE PAIN Week 33: Knee Pain Overview & Assessments

Week 34: Chondomalacia/PFPS

Week 35: Vastus Lateralis

Week 36: Rectus Femoris

Week 37: Vastus Medialis

Week 38: Adductors in Knee Pain

Week 39: Sartorius & Gracilis

Week 40: Hamstrings

Week 41: Gastrocnemius & Posterior Lower Leg

Week 42: Glutes & Quadratus Lumborum in Knee Pain

Week 43: Knee Pain Protocol

Week 44: Knee Pain Self-Care & Rehab


Week 45: Hip, Thigh, Groin Overview

Week 46: Tensor Fascia Latae

Week 47: Piriformis & Deep Rotators

Week 48: Pectineus

Week 49: Iliacus & Psoas

Week 50: Vastus Intermedius

Week 51: Dr. Hanscom Knee & Gluteal Pain Session

Week 52: Rehabilitation & Year 2 Preview

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