Information on hyperpronation at the ankle

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Hyperpronation isn't a condition of muscle weakness, it is a result of ligamentous laxity, so the basic framework of the foot and ankle isn't properly being supported by the ligaments. While muscle strength can partially compensate for hypermobility, in the foot this is a very difficult proposition that would require an extreme training regimen.

Excessive muscle engagement also always carries with it a tendency to develop trigger points. The training that has to be done involves walking on the sand and irregular surfaces, because hard flat surfaces present a very difficult environment for training the intrinsic muscles of the foot. Even with a training regimen, we recommend insoles to prevent muscular overload due to the glutes responding to instability in the foot and ankle.

For those looking to correct supination versus pronation, our remedy is the same. With the proper insole support, the foot can relax into a more neutral position and the muscles that are consistently overstabilizing (including the gluteals), can begin to relax.

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