Low back pain, Sciatica

Muscular causes of low back pain and sciatica

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Correlation of back pain to disc degeneration is very low according to the spinal surgery research papers. Consider this, you suddenly develop pain, but that bone protrusion seen on MRI did not develop suddenly...I myself have a huge bone spur on L5-S1 and compressed lumbar discs and no back pain. Muscular causes are more likely and more easily treated non-invasively. If the pain has a sciatic referral (down the leg), that has a higher correlation to nerve impingement at the spine, but again the more likely cause in our clinical experience is muscular. Our CTB therapists routinely successfully treat low back pain and sciatica, despite various medical diagnoses. Medical professionals will often ascribe the pain source to what they see on imaging, but that is not always accurate because they don't understand trigger point pain referral.

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