Leg length discrepancy as a perpetuating factor in scoliosis

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Most scoliosis is functional and is brought on by what we call an “effective” leg length discrepancy or hemipelvic discrepancy. This means that one leg may have a difference in joint space, not necessarily that the femur or lower leg bones are longer. This kind of leg length discrepancy can be impossible to see on an x-ray and thus is often misdiagnosed. If this asymmetry is not corrected, permanent relief will be challenging. It’s what we call a significant perpetuating factor, as it perpetuates scoliosis, as well as all of the muscular pain that can come with it.

In CTB,™ we assess leg length discrepancy first and foremost, using corrective heel lifts to address the leg length differences between right and left. With a thorough assessment and proper shoe correction, most scoilisis can be addressed permanently.

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