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Electric Point Stimulator (EPS) Overview
Electric Point Stimulator (EPS) Overview
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The EPS is an electric point stimulator. It is considered a tens unit by the FDA, but is a single point of electric current.

Trigger points are a local disruption of the neuromuscular junction, where the motor nerve meets muscle fiber. Electrical stimulation saturates the motor endplate zones in a region with stimulus, causing sarcomere twitch contraction, improved metabolism, reduction of tenderness and hardness.

Typical EPS Treatment Sequence

  • Assess fiber hardness and tenderness in the muscle prior to treatment.

  • Locate the approximate center of the fiber bundle you are targeting (motor endplate zone).

  • Press the treatment button, move the skin with the point to locate most effective motor effect zone.

  • If the client has no sensation, skin is very dry or amplitude is too low.

  • Treat 10-20 secs. per point. After every 1-3 points, do a contract/relax.

  • Monitor any tissue change produced by the treatment - hardness, tenderness.

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