Vagus Nerve Dysfunction
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Regarding vagus nerve dysfunction, this is a central nervous system issue. According to polyvagal theory, unintegrated psychological trauma causes and perpetuates vagal nerve related issues. For more info on polyvagal theory and trauma treatment, see the work of Stephen Porges, Bessel van der Kolk and especially Peter Levine (Somatic Experiencing). Holotropic breathwork by Stanislav Graf is also of note, as well EMDR and the work of David Hanscom ( Also, gut health and leaky gut are huge perpetuators of vagal nerve dysfunction, for this angle, research leaky gut and functional medicine.

In CTB, we understand central nervous system upregulation pathways, but take a peripheral nervous system downregulation approach. Peripheral nervous system nociception is one of the many sources of CNS upregulation and we have found it extremely helpful to chronic pain sufferers in downregulating their entire nervous system as well as in more localized pain and movement dysfunction.

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