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Tips for Creating a Great Painhackers Directory Listing
Tips for Creating a Great Painhackers Directory Listing
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Our Painhackers Directory at is steadily growing, and even during our beta period is providing a steady stream of referrals to members. Here are some tips and guidelines for creating a successful directory entry.


Having attractive photos on your listing (we suggest more than one) is important to give your potential clients a sense of knowing what you're about and trusting you as a practitioner. And, it's just nicer looking and will make you stand out from the crowd.

Below is an excellent example of an attractive listing from Revival Bodywork in Colorado. Jen has multiple, simple but appealing images showing her working, and a brief but helpful description that conveys her strengths, areas of focus and credibility.

A Good Description

Use the description field to give your viewers a more personal sense of you, what modalities you practice (particularly with regard to Coaching The Body), intersecting interests such as teaching yoga or pilates. A longer, more descriptive listing will make you more approachable and more likely to get contacted.

Contact Info

Having multiple methods by which clients can reach you is a big help. For example, the Revival listing contains an email address, phone, Facebook page and website.

We want our directory to be an appealing and useful place for visitors, so we require at least one photo and will screen your description before approval. We may ask you to flesh out your description a bit before posting.

We consider CTB to be the best modality for pain anywhere, and we want our community of painhackers to be as successful as possible. If you have any additional questions, please contact us via chat.

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