Let's get to it...

Day 1: Create a commit
A commit looks forward. It uses the tensions and pressures of your upcoming work week to make you a better professional. Create a new commit card, choose a focus, add some actions, state your vision. It should take about 5 minutes and make you feel great afterwards. Learn more.

Day 2: Add some reflections
A reflection looks backward. As you go through your week, working on your commit, you're going to have little "aha" moments. You're going to notice things because your commit has made you more mindful. Take 60 seconds and capture those reflections in your Iris. The mobile site is great for this! Learn more.

Day 3: Save some resources
The Internet is full of useful information that can help you with your commit. Articles, books, blog posts, videos, podcasts... the stuff you're looking for when Googling a problem. Maybe you've found something like that. Copy the link and save it to your Iris as a Resource. Learn more.

Day 4: Open the learning feed
Click that button on the right side of the screen and the learning feed slides out. This is where all of your commits, reflections, resources, and other things show up. Listed in reverse chronological order, it's the story of your professional growth. Peruse it and who knows... it might spark another reflection.

Day 5: Close your commit
Have you taken the actions you said you would? If so, great! If not, there's good learning to be had! Find your commit in the learning feed and add an outcome. It's a reflection on your commit. If you followed through, what happened? If you didn't, why not? Every moment of life has a lesson if you look closely. Learn more.

Day 6: Go back to day 1
This is the core cycle of the Iris: find a tension at work, take some small action to address that tension, reflect on your experience, save useful resources. Keep doing this each week and you'll soon start shedding all the things that hold you back from becoming a kick-ass professional.

There's more to the Iris... creating activities, building an iris, mapping your job, but start here for now. Try this cycle for a few weeks and see how you do.

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