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What's new in CultureTrax?
What's new in CultureTrax?

Release notes for the current version of CultureTrax.

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CultureTrax v3.4.1 Release Notes

(Live Launch on 12-Mar-2021 @ 5pm CDT)

New Features

Create and Manage Material Lot Records

You can now create and manage lot records for single ingredient and recipe materials.

(3-minute video tour)

From the Material Detail view, select "Record New Lot" at the bottom of the Lot Records table.

Capture the important details about your material lots. The Lot number and Expiration date are required fields.

Use material recipes to record the critical information about materials that you prepare in-house. Capture the specific lots and volumes of the recipe ingredients.

Connect lot records directly to your culture work to create a fully traceable record of all materials that have touched your cells.

Indicate whether a Material Lot is “in inventory” or “depleted” so you know when you need to prepare or order more material.


  • PI/Directors can now view Culture Track Details owned by all lab members. This means each member no longer needs to add the PI/Director as a collaborator to give them the ability to view.

  • You can now take additions actions on cells after a suspension passage.

  • Passage actions no longer advances the protocol day within the same calendar date. This means the protocol day is accurate on future dates.

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