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What is CultureTrax; Overview
What is CultureTrax; Overview

Part LIMS, part ELN; the major functions of CultureTrax and how they work together in your cell culture

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What is CultureTrax? 

CultureTrax is a software productivity tool specifically designed to meet the needs of scientists working with stem cells and other types of advanced cell and tissue culture. CultureTrax enables you to quickly and easily plan and fully document your cell culture and analytical work. The software also provides a repository for detailed, current protocols and recipes, structured to drive both accurate execution in the lab and rapid, comprehensive recording of results. 

 CultureTrax is a secure web application (hosted on Amazon Web Services), so you can access your work from anywhere through a browser on your PC or tablet. CultureTrax enables you to easily share both your experimental workload and detailed results with your colleagues in a way not possible before. 

Major functions in CultureTrax and how they work together 

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