Import Single-Ingredient Materials

Instructions for creating and uploading CSV file for Material Library

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Import a collection of Single Ingredient Materials

Adding each Single Ingredient Material to your library, one by one, can be time consuming. You can upload a collection of Materials by importing a .CSV file.

Material Upload Page

Navigate to the Materials page from the main dashboard and click on 'Import Material. Once there you will need to download a material template .csv file

CSV Template file

Using the CSV file as a guide, enter in the information for your materials. Please keep in mind that the minimum information needed for each material is, ' Name', 'Vendor', 'Part Number', and 'Material Type'. All of the acceptable material types are listed on the CSV. Make certain to label your materials using these exact type designations.

Once it's complete and you've saved it you're ready to...

Import Materials

Click on the 'upload csv file', navigate to your saved material csv, select it and, click 'import materials'. The platform will import and populate all of your single ingredient materials and it will also generate a list of any materials that were skipped and why they were skipped. That's it! You've populated Materials Library with all of your labs single ingredient materials. Now you're ready to create material lots and recipe materials.

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