Suspension Passage

What is Suspension Passage and how is it different from Passage?

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In CultureTrax, a Suspension Passage represents that process of removing cells or bodies from a Starting Vessel that contains a suspension culture, and depositing these cells or bodies into a different Vessel. For a Suspension Passage, it is not automatically assumed that the passage method is destructive to the Starting Vessels, as it is with the standard Passage Action, so the user has the option to terminate the Starting Vessels or continue culturing them.

Rules / Behaviors

The Starting Vessels are not automatically terminated. They user can choose to continue culturing the Starting Vessels or Terminate them. 

A new Culture Track is automatically created, but the Passage Number isn't automatically increased. The user can edit the passage number.

The Culture Track Properties for the newly created Culture Track will be determined by the following rules:

  • By default, the Cell Name, Identifier, Cell Type, Protocol Template and Owner will be inherited from the Culture Track that provided the Starting Vessels.

  • The Passage Number will automatically be increased by 1

  • The Cell Name, Identifier, Cell Type, Protocol Template and Passage Number can be edited. 

  • The Owner property cannot be edited. 

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