Feed Action

Remove spent medium from adherent or suspension cells and replace with fresh culture medium.

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A Feed action represents the process of removing spent medium and replacing with fresh growth medium. It is assumed that no Vessels or Wells are discarded in the process. As a result, the Starting Vessels or Wells are continued in the current Culture Track.

Rules / Behaviors

All Starting Vessels/Wells that are included in the Feed Action will automatically be continued in the Current Culture Track

Common Workflow

Assign Feed Action to the Culture Track

  1. In the Navigator, identify the Culture Track that will be fed and click the appropriate calendar day to open the Culture Track Daily Details view.

  2. In the Today’s Actions tab of the interface, use Action Group 1 (or create a new Action Group) to specify the subset of Starting Vessels or Wells that will be fed. 

  3. Click on the name link of the Feed Action to open the Action Details view.

  • (Note: Action Group 1 will appear by default when you first open the Culture Track Daily Details view for a given day, but it may be necessary to add a new Action Group if other actions have already been planned or completed for this culture track.)

Complete Action

Indicate that the Feed Action is complete by clicking on the check mark.

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