Release Notes: CultureTrax v2.0.0

Release notes for the current version of CultureTrack including New Features, Design Improvements, Bug Fixes and Known Issues.

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CultureTrax v2.0.0 Release Notes

(Live Launch 23-MAY-2019)

New Features

  • Culture Track Navigator

  • Collapsible dashboard menu

  • Click and drag well selection

Design Improvements

  • User Interface Redesign

  • Standardized interface headings

  • Sidebar Culture Details

  • Default Action assignment

Bug Fixes

  • #203: Complete a CT with unaddressed wells by editing MTA vessel config.

  • #207: Library search tool can't find embedded text strings 

Known Issues

<No known issues>

Culture Track Navigator (New Feature): The new primary user interface for CultureTrax. The Navigator displays a one-week overview of all culture tracks having activity within a specified date range, showing completed actions, planned actions and scheduled actions. It enables users to see a broader timeline of their culture work and serves as a launch point into the Daily Actions view (previously the Plan & Work view) where the granular details of specific actions are documented.

Collapsible dashboard menu (New Feature): Provides easy access to all dashboard items from every interface within CultureTrax using an expandable menu that appears from the left side of the screen. This menu is always accessible from the top-left corner of the screen, just to the right of the CultureTrax logo.

Click and drag well selection (New Feature): When configuring a vessel that contains multiple wells, this feature enables the user to click-and-drag across a range of wells to select or deselect all of them with a single click.

User Interface Redesign (Design Improvement): The entire look and feel of CultureTrax has been updated. 

Standardized Interface Headings (Design Improvement): Interface headings have been standardized to ensure that the user maintains a proper frame of reference and to provide a consistent user experience. These headings contains a screen title (Examples: Daily Actions, Daily Details, etc), a reference to the culture track that is being addressed, and standard navigation controls.     

Sidebar Culture Details (Design Improvement): In all views that show details individual Culture Tracks, the Culture track details have been moved from their previous position at the top of each individual culture track, and placed in a separate window (sidebar) on the right of the screen

Default Action assignment (Design Improvement): Previously, expanding the daily action details of a Culture Track would automatically create an action group and often assign a default action. This added little value and caused problems when trying to complete culture tracks that were addressed by a Multi-Track action. In the new version, actions are no longer automatically assigned to action groups, which making it much easier to complete multi-track actions.

Complete a CT with unaddressed wells by editing MTA vessel config. (Bug Fix, #203): It was possible to complete a culture track with unaddressed wells, if it was completed trough the MTA workflow after editing the wells included in the MTA. This problem has been addressed.

Library search tool can't find embedded text strings (Bug Fix, #207):  The library search tool was only capable of finding text strings at the beginning of words, and not text strings that were embedded within a word. The search function has now been expanded to find embedded text strings.

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