How do I change Protocol Templates?

Replace a protocol template for a culture track or move cells to a new culture track and protocol template.

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How do I change protocol templates attached to my culture track?

You select the Protocol Template you'd like to follow when adding a new culture track or when generating a next culture track from a 'Move' or 'Passage' action. Once you have a culture track created with a protocol template, there are two ways to change to a different protocol template:

  1.  You can ‘edit’ or 'replace a protocol template' for a culture track, but only if there are no 'action groups' or 'actions' associated with that culture track. If you have several days of actions already recorded, you may want to move all of your vessels to a new culture track to change protocol templates (see #3, below).  To remove and replace a protocol template, first remove all ‘action groups’ and ‘actions’ for the day.  Once you are at the culture track start date, go to the Culture Track Details tab and click ‘edit’. From the 'Protocol' section of the 'Edit Culture Track' screen, you can click 'Replace Protocol Template' and select a new protocol template for your culture track.  If you have generated a 'new' culture track from a Passage action and need to change its protocol template, go to the the ending vessels section of the source culture track and click on the 'new' culture track live link.  From the 'Edit Culture Track' screen, you can replace the protocol template. 

  1. You can ‘Move’ some or all of your culture track's vessels/wells to create a new culture track with a different protocol template.  To do this, first create the action group for the new protocol template. (This can be ‘all available vessels’ in a culture track or a portion of the Culture Track vessels) After creating your vessel group, select ‘Move These Vessels to a New Culture Track’.  This will open a Culture Track Details screen where you can 'edit' culture track properties and 'select a protocol template'.  

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