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How do I edit yesterday's Culture Track?
How do I edit yesterday's Culture Track?

Learn how to edit actions on 'locked' culture tracks

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After you complete a culture track for the day it will show up for the next calendar day in My Cell Culture.

You can always edit observations, materials or methods for a previous culture track.  However, after Action groups and Actions are added to a culture track for the day, the previous day’s culture work becomes ‘locked’.  In order to unlock and edit actions on a previous day’s Culture Track;

  1. Delete any current actions for today (uncheck completed action, click live link of action name next to action group to open Action Details screen, click 'Delete This Action' located on lower right). When all 'Actions' are deleted, you can click 'remove' to delete the Action Group.

  2. Once all actions and action groups are deleted, you can uncheck ‘complete my Culture Track’ on the previous day and edit yesterday’s actions.

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