How secure is our data?
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The application, underlying data and communications to the platform are secured in several layers both in design and by way of policies on how we manage access to all components. Here is a highlight of the ways we provide secure and reliable access to your data.

How secure is our data?

All communication to and from the application is done securely. The highest SSL encryption standards are supported for all over-the-internet communication. Access to CultureTrax is requires every user to have a unique account that has specific permissions for the application and only authenticated users can get access to the application. Application data is stored on encrypted volumes, and servers and application resources are secured on private, segmented networks. Only limited personnel have access to the networks for maintenance and support reasons.

What is the platform downtime and how is it measured?

Downtime is currently measured by automated checks performed every minute. Over the last 18 months we have experienced 99.999% uptime.

How will downtimes impact my ability to use the platform?

Access to the application requires an active Internet connection along with the application being available/running. During network or application downtime, the application is not available for use.

What happens if downtime is excessive? What do you do then?

Our monitoring sends alerts to appropriate business hours and after-hours staff in the case of an outage. Outages are escalated with the highest priority with the goal of returning to availabilityas soon as possible. We have rarely had a downtime that was over a few hours in the last decade, for the cloud applications we provide. However, from time to time, unexpected downtimes can happen due to larger systematic failures that are not often in our control.

If I need service or support what is the path and what can I expect for response times?

We have multiple support channels including a 24/7 on-call staff that can respond to urgent/emergency support items. During business hours we have a minimum 2hr SLA for standard tickets. Outside of business hours you can expect a response within 2 hours and resolution within 4 hours depending on the severity and nature of the service issue.

What happens if there is catastrophic damage to the platform or to my account? How is my data recovered?

Platform data is backed up on an automated schedule every hour. These backups are stored in a redundant and secure fashion. We have a process for recovering the data from a backup should we have to take steps to do so.

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