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Release Notes: CultureTrax v3.1.1
Release Notes: CultureTrax v3.1.1
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CultureTrax v3.1.1 Release Notes

(Live Launch on 04-DEC-2020 @ 5pm CDT)

We have made small tweaks and updates throughout the application to improve clarity and provide a more consistent experience. Here are some highlights from this release:

Material Library

  • A field is now available where you can assign an in-house Part Number when creating or editing Recipe Materials.

  • To prevent duplicate records of Single-Ingredient Materials, you are now prohibited from creating entries with the same Vendor & Part Number.

  • Fixed: When configuring ingredients of a recipe material, the concentration of components are now correctly populated into the “starting concentration” field for that component.

  • You will now be provided with better feedback if you forget to select a Unit after populating a numerical field. Don’t forget the units! 😉

Daily Culture Work

  • It is now easier and faster to create multiple tracks with similar attributes. When copying a Culture Track, the start date of the new track is set to the same date as the source Culture Track. Previously, the beginning date of the currently displayed week was used.

  • Also, “-copy” is no longer added to the end of the Identifier. You're in control of how you name your copied tracks.

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