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Release Notes CultureTrax v3.3.1
Release Notes CultureTrax v3.3.1
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CultureTrax v3.3.1 Release Notes

(Live Launch on 11-Jan-2021 @ 5pm CDT)

Here are some highlights from this release:

Add Action Group after Passage

Previously, a Passage action would create a daughter track that began on the following day. Now, the daughter track is created on the same day, so that you can capture additional actions taken on cells the same day as they are passaged.

First, create and complete a Passage Action.

Indicate whether or not you are done with the Passaged cells for today.

The daughter track will be accessible from the Navigator view. If you select "No further actions today", the newly created track will automatically be marked complete for today. If you select "Yes, I plan to" take additional action, the track will be available for additional work to be recorded.

"New Culture Track" Button

A button has been added in the upper right hand side of the Navigator to create new Culture Tracks. The default start date will be today's date. You can still add a new Culture Track on specific date from the "+" menu at the top of each date.

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