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CultureTrax v3.4.2 Release Notes
CultureTrax v3.4.2 Release Notes
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CultureTrax v3.4.2 Release Notes

(Live Launch on 6-24-2021@ 5pm CDT)

Here are some highlights from this release:

Material Library List - how many records are visible

Previously, when the material library was accessed and sorted by ‘Recently Updated, only a portion of the material list was visible. Now the 10 most recently updated materials will show, and you can click the ‘Load More’ button to see the next 10 materials in your list.

Accessing a Material in the Side Drawer

The Material side drawer display now includes a view of the prep procedure. The lot display has been updated so that drafts and deactivated lots aren’t shown. Clicking on a link within the side drawer will change the view to the record associated with the link. Click the back button to revert your view to the previous side drawer. We’ve added full screen mode within the side drawer to make editing a material easier.

Lots sorted by expiration date with drafts and deactivated lots not shown

Second side drawer over the first showing lot information from the recipe

Lot Record: Displaying the Instance of a Material Prep Previously, when the recipe lot record was accessed, you only saw the recipe template. Now when you click on a recipe lot you will see the actual record of what was created, the prep procedure, the actual amounts of material used based on the recipe final volume, links to the parent material used to make the recipe, and all the notes that were added during the preparation of the material.

Side drawer with prep and recipe lot information

Viewing Completed Records in Action Details and Configured Vessels

We’ve simplified the view in the action details and vessel configurator for completed actions. If there is no recorded lot for the action or vessel, then material detail link will be active. If the lot was recorded, then the only link accessible is the lot record.

Action details in completed actions

Selecting and Visualizing Materials When Configuring Actions

When you are configuring lot materials in action details and you select ‘See all lots’, the side drawer opens with all unexpired and in inventory lots displayed first. The ‘Add a new lot’ button allows you to create a new lot in the side drawer. You can also choose to create the new lot in a full-page view. Notice the save and cancel buttons have been added to the bottom of the page for convenience.

Creating a new material lot from action details

Date Received on a New Material Lot Defaults to ‘Today’

When you add a new material lot to your library the date received will now default to the current date.

Expiration Dating of New Materials

We’ve made it so that the expiration date on a new material can’t precede the preparation date.

Bug Fixes

· Saving edits to a Culture Track with the passage number set to 0 no longer causes a null error.

· The Protocol template and the associated actions in a Culture Track are now visible to a PI/Admin user even if the CT owner hasn’t marked them as a collaborator.

· A passage action and a feed action on the same day caused the protocol day display and the calendar display on the CultureTrax Navigator to be asynchronous. This issue has been resolved.

· When creating a new lab member in the ‘Add a Lab Member’ page, after clicking ‘Create member and send email’ CultureTrax now posts confirmation that the email has been sent.

· When on the ‘Add Member’ or ‘Edit Member’ pages, the user is unable to cancel out of the workflow. This issue has been resolved in this release.

· The ability to select a lot of material when configuring a new vessel as part of a thaw or passage is now functional.

· The expand actions tab in the Navigator shows the root action along with the custom action. This issue has been resolved in this release.

· Closing the side drawer when selecting a material for a new action in a protocol template, causes all the buttons within the ‘Add Action’ page to create errors. This issue has been resolved.

· The user can’t save a new Protocol Template, either as a draft or as complete. This issue has been resolved.

· The user is unable to create a new lot record from within an Action detail. This issue has been resolved.

· If a user fails to populate a required field within a Material or Recipe, the required field is now highlighted to alert the user.

· Ingredients within a recipe keep the same capitalization as the material entry.

· Opening a lot record from the side drawer, then using the , then using the ‘Back to Previous’ button causes the platform to loop between the last two screens. This issue has been resolved.

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