Adding Single Material Lots

Add lots of materials to your actions to track exactly what's touching the cells.

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Okay, you've populated your material library with single ingredients and recipes but now what? With the release of CultureTrax version 3.4.1 and 3.4.2 it's now possible to create discreet lots of these materials to attach to actions or other recipes.

Adding Material Lots-Single Ingredients

  1. New material lots can be added at the A) "Material Library"

    in a B) "Action Details", Note: "Action Details-Materials" tab is where you can associate these specific lots and the amount used with the action.

or C) from the "Material Page".

2. All three methods will take you to the 'New Material Lot' page, just with a slightly different presentation. Creating new single material lot in the library or from the material will take you to the full page presentation, while creating a new lot in Action Details, will open a side drawer.

3. In the 'New Material Lot page- Single ingredient; A) the "Lot Number" is required, B) the "Date Received" is defaulted to 'today' and C) the "Expiration Date" is required. You can also record D) the "Amount Per Unit", and E) the "Number of Units" that are in your inventory, and F) The "Storage Location". When you've entered the information click G) "Save" and it's ready to be associated to actions in your cell culture work, and the new lot can be used to create material recipe lots. When you've run out of this material, H) you can remove it from "Inventory" so that it's no longer available to be used. Note: The ability to remove a lot from inventory is available in the material lot instance and in the material home page in the library. (Not shown)

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