Start a culture track from live cells

Walks you through building a culture track for live cells

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  1. Click Culture Track Navigator on the Dashboard or the Menu to open the Navigator.

  2. In the Navigator, click New Culture Track. The Add New Culture Track screen opens. This is where you'll record basic information for your track.

  3. First, describe your cells.

    1. Add the Cell Name, Passage #, and Cell Type for the track. This information is required in order to save the track.

    2. Use the Identifier field to tag the track and make it easy to find on the navigator. You can use any letters or numbers that make sense for your lab.

  4. Next, define the culture conditions.

    1. The platform defaults for incubator conditions are the baseline conditions for pluripotent stem cell culture but can be changed to reflect your culture conditions.

    2. Enter the incubator location where the cells are growing.

  5. When you create a culture track, you are automatically recorded as the track's owner. You can't change this, but you can use the Collaborators setting to give others at the lab access to the track. Click the arrow next to the field to pick specific individuals to share with or click Share with my entire lab group to give access to your whole group.

  6. Select a protocol template or run an unstructured experiment.

  7. Select 'Live' if you're starting your culture track from live cells.

    1. Configure the starting vessel, either add new or select from an existing vessel; type, coating, and number of occupied wells.

  8. Add any additional information about the cells in the source cell notes, and any other pertinent information about the culture track in the culture track notes field.

  9. Click 'Save'

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