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Action details; Vessels, Materials, Method, and Notes & Data

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You've created and action group and selected the scheduled action. Now you want to record all of material lots, observations and data that are associated with the cells and what you've done with them.

  1. Every action in CultureTrax presents as a link that takes you to the action details.

  2. The Vessels tab highlights the vessels that are in the action group

  3. The Materials tab is populated with all of the materials associated with this action when the protocol template was set up.

    1. You can select lots from you material library and document the volume used per vessel/well.

  4. The Method tab is where all of the instructions are. How much to feed, how to warm the media, etc. This is also a handy place to put a data template that you can copy over to,

  5. The Notes & Data tab. This is where you can insert photomicrographs of your cells, any observations, if you washed the cells prior to feeding, etc.

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