Adding Recipe Material Lots

How and where to add recipe material lots

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Adding Material Lots-Recipes

  1. Adding a new recipe lot uses much the same functionality as a single ingredient with a couple of key differences.

  2. There is a A) "Date Prepared" field instead of a date received field and it's not pre-populated. Below the "Size Per Unit" and "Number of Units" fields there is B) the "Total Prep Amount/Volume" field. This gives you a visual cue as to the final volume of the lot that appears click on C) the "Configure Ingredients" tab.

  3. When you click on the "Configure Ingredients" tab the you will see both how much the recipe normally makes D), and how much is being made for this lot, E).

  4. From here it's just a matter of F) "Selecting Lots" of the ingredients, and G) the "Amount used". If the recipe has any sort of day of preparation information that need to be recorded you can put it in H) "Prep Notes" in the text field.

  5. Click I) "Save" if you're done, or J) "Save as Draft" if you need to complete it at a later date. That's it. Once the new lot is saved it can be used as an ingredient in a different recipe or it can be attached to an action to record exactly what material was used.

    Note: Creating a new recipe material lot from the action details page can only be completed by leaving the Action Detail page. There is this warning in the sidedrawer; Configuring ingredients requires exiting this workflow. If you do not wish to exit this workflow, you can save this lot without ingredients, and configure them later.

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