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Planning an Experiment; the Protocol Template
Planning an Experiment; the Protocol Template

What do I need for this cell culture experiment? It's in the Protocol Template.

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Using Protocol Templates to Plan an Experiment

Click on the name of the Protocol Template to view it. The Action Timeline contains a collection of actions, placed on a timeline which provides guidance as to when those actions should be carried out.

Click on name of each Action to display the materials, methods and documents associated with the Action.

Click the name of a Material to view more details including instructions for preparing a Recipe Material.

You can open the details of each Action in your timeline, one by one, or select the Action Details tab for an expanded view of all Actions.

You can also generate a printable Protocol Template Report by clicking Generate report. This function will create a ZIP file containing a Word document with all the Action methods, materials and materials recipes included, along with copies of all reference documents.

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