Planning and Documenting

How CultureTrax helps you plan and document your daily cell culture

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Planning & documenting your lab work

CultureTrax provides a high-level overview and lets you quickly drill down into the important details as you plan, document, and review your work. The unique Protocol Template feature provides the comprehensive daily guidance needed to accurately execute recipes, cell culture and analytical methods. This framework also enables efficient, and comprehensive recording of your experiments, automatically managing the data linkages needed to connect your complete culture history with the analytical results and observations. CultureTrax standardizes how data is recorded and shown, so that others can easily understand how your work was done.

Culture Track Navigator

The heart of the application is the Culture Track Navigator, which provides a week-long overview of your past, current, and planned work. You can see at a glance what has been completed and what needs to be done for all the cells you have in culture, enabling you to visually manage even the most complex experiments.

Culture Track Navigator screen

Culture Tracks

Each row on the Navigator is a Culture Track – specific cells being cultured under a particular Protocol, contained in a set of specific Vessels and Wells. Each Culture Track is a unified collection of data for planning and documenting your cell culture and analytical work. Unlike conventional electronic lab notebooks, CultureTrax automatically maintains all the complex data connections between cells, Protocols, Vessels, and results within and between Culture Tracks, creating fully traceable culture histories going back to the original source cells.

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